Hello .. I am a Stella, I am a Staffie X, and I live with 2 very lovely owners, and lots of strange things called cats?!?. Following what my Mum says was a phantom pregnancy, I really went off dogs about the same size as me, and anything that came running and yapping at me (especially other girls) – I’d tell them to go away, and when they just wouldn’t listen, I’d shout at them and sometimes I got into a bit of a scuffle. oops!!

One day, my human called Caroline – she’s a LOVELY lady – she brought us lots of treats!! Sometimes, we got to play a game. When I walked in the park, and there was one of THOSE! dogs about, she’d jump up and down, and make really funny noises, and I just couldn’t help laughing at her – and then I’d get a treat.. WOW this is great fun!! I don’t know there the other dogs went, I was too busy watching Caroline. My Humans started doing this funny thing too – and now I can’t be bothered to chase or argue with the other dogs – this game is MUCH more fun !!!

My Brother (& BFF), Alfie is much bigger than me, he’s a GSD X Collie. He talks (loudly) ALL the time – I just can’t get a word in edgeways sometimes!! He talks to all the dogs we walk past, and sometimes the humans think he is being nasty and horrible, but he’s not really, he just likes talking!!! Caroline came to see him too, and she explained to the humans what they had to do, and now he’s a really good boy, and walks down the street, and doesn’t talk to anyone any more – I just don’t know what the girls see in him though!!

Caroline says she is soooo pleased with us, and we are very clever – much more clever than our humans. So we’d like to say a BIG thank you for playing such great games with us. Our humans seem to like her too, and said that she really knows her stuff, and what she doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing. My Mum also said Caroline is not just an um ….behaviourist and dog trainer, but to us she was like our friend and held her hand through it all. She was also on the end of that ringing thing they talk into, whenever they needed a bit of extra help. Thank you Caroline.

We first met Caroline when we went to her Puppy Foundation classes in Tremorfa with Stanley our 6 month old Tibetan Terrier. The classes were very informative and fun Caroline proved to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of canine behaviour.

Stanley was doing really well in classes, but at home he was turning from Tibetan Terrier to Tibetan Terror!

As a family things were getting desperate, we couldn’t put him on a lead without him nipping incessantly, it was impossible to have visitors, the garden was a no go zone and he’d even start nipping us when we were walking down the street. We also have 2 young children which was a real concern. It couldn’t have got much worse.

Caroline visited us for a home consultation and taught us methods and techniques to correct his behaviour and get our lives back to normal. Even after the visit, Caroline went out of her way to meet us in the park with her dog to get Stanley socialised with other dogs and was always on the end of the phone to give support.

Caroline is not just a trainer and behaviourist, but to us she was like our personal counsellor and held our hand through a very difficult time.

Stanley is improving every day. He now enjoys off lead walks with other dogs and is turning into a fantastic family dog. We couldn’t have done this without Caroline’s support and it’s thanks to her that Stan is still part of out family.

Hywel & Lisa

We were so pleased when Caroline stepped in to help us train our golden cocker spaniel, Oscar. After a couple of very expensive trips to the vet, after Oscar had consumed socks and rubbish while out walking, we contacted Caroline who came to our rescue. After just one two hour training session she had taught us enough to ensure that Oscar has not eaten anything he shouldn’t, since. He still picks things up but we can now get him to successfully leave them instead of eating them! Caroline’s services go further than the ususal puppy training, she is in contact with us to check everything is still going well with Oscar and emails tips and advice when we have set backs. I believe she really cares about dogs and their owners and goes the extra mile to ensure that a happy relationship is formed between them. Thank you Caroline for all you have done for us.

Sarah, Jason, Izzy and Oscar, Cowbridge

Following completion of the puppy classes, I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. Never having had a dog before, the classes have proved invaluable to us as a family.

The course content in itself was excellent, but more importantly, it was delivered in such a way that it was both entertaining and informative. Not only do we now have a well behaved puppy that is eager to please, we feel so much more confident as dog owners. The way in which you included the children was fabulous, you really had their ‘buy in’, it was so good to see them getting involved in between classes practising Milo’s new commands. We will definitely be back for the Bronze classes, assuming you will have us!

Thanks again, Mike and Ann Ingram

Jasper is a wonderful dog but is incredibly strong, boisterous, and wants to meet everyone he sees.  With help and advice from Caroline during training classes and a private session we now have a much better behaved puppy (or perhaps we’re the one who are more well trained!).  She was able to give us some invaluable advice and tips to help keep his focus on us, stop him pulling and improve his recall. Thank you so much Caroline!’

Dr Hannah Shaw and Jasper

I have four labradors that require a lot of walking and training to be able to live and play together. After taking the two oldest of them to different instructors for various courses and always being disapointed by the way the class was instructed and sometimes the way dogs were treated, I came across Caroline and decided to attend her class with my dogs. Not only is Caroline one of the friendliest people in the world of dogs, she teaches the classes in a contructive, educational and fun way.

She had a vast understanding of dog behaviour and loves to share what she knows with the class which is always a bonus.  She has had to deal with a few dogs with some serious issues and knows the exact right things to say and do to help not only the owner but the dogs as well.  Overall I would completely recommend Caroline for anything dog related as she is the most knowledgeable person I have met and appears to have dedicated her life to the dog world.

Nigel Clark

“I have known Caroline since 2003 when I took my first dog Ziggy to puppy class. He quickly progressed through the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme levels. Over the past year my dog Toto has achieved Puppy to Silver certificates. The classes give a focus for training at home and goals to work towards, which can be difficult on your own. I’ve always found the classes friendly and my dogs have made new friends too.

Caroline has a wealth of knowledge about dog behaviour, and a modern approach to dog training using reward based methods. The classes are relaxed as they are not about formal obedience training in a military fashion, but cover vital practical issues such as recall, manners and play.  Caroline teaches you that there is no need for force when asking your dog to do something and there is always a positive way to communicate with your dog. If a method doesn’t work with your dog, she will show you an alternative and is always willing to answer questions and make suggestions about issues you have outside the class.

From attending many classes, it is obvious to me how much Caroline loves and respects dogs and she has a really positive approach when working with dogs, and with people.”

Heather Bowyer

“We went to Caroline because one of our dogs is agressive to other dogs. She was very professional and knowledgable and showed a lot of patience and experience of our situation. The methods she showed us were easy to follow and keep up, as well as kind to our dog, as it is a reward-based training system. Using her methods, we’ve seen definite progress in the following weeks, and would highly recommend her to anybody needing help. Walking our dog is starting to be a pleasure again!”

Kate Ward

My dog is a German Shepherd cross and we have both been recently finished filming for the new CBBC show Who let the dogs out? Which  will be featured later on this year. Me and Max had to go through auditions earlier on this year to have the chance of featuring on Who let the dogs out?

After the selection process we travelled up to Manchester for the Who let the dogs out? filming. We all had an amazing time. It was an incredible opportunity. The BBC were really nice and Zak George the dog trainer was too. I and two other children were going to train our dogs how to frisbee. We had frisbee training which all built up to the Who let the dogs out? frisbee competition. We all had an awesome time, Thanks so much to the BBC Scotland. If you want to find out who won the competition, watch Who let the dogs out? Which will be aired later on this year.

Max was awarded his bronze award at an early age thanks to the fantastic dog training of Caroline Cowan(Cardiff Canine Citizens).


We have been attending classes with Caroline for puppy, bronze and silver with our three
Border Collies (Shae 19 months, Banjo 16 months and Mika 9 months) begining before we got our first collie Shae, she let us sit in on a class just to make sure it was right for us. Our first puppy class with Shae started in Janurary 2010 and have gone from strength to strength. Caroline teaches with humour and patience is very adept at bringing the best out of the puppy and owner. I know she also works with older dogs with the same understanding and care and a very deep love for all dogs. We are currently finishing silver with our youngest puppy and look forward to staring gold with all three dogs, in the full knowledge that caroline will guide us through these courses with paitence for our puppies and even greater patience for the owners. I cannot recommend Caroline, of Cardiff Canine Citizens, highly enough.

Vanessa and Robert Jenkins

I brought my then 6 month old Presa Canario (Spanish Mastiff) puppy Caino to Cardiff Canine Citizens after reading that Caroline was experienced with handling that sort of breed.

After the 6 week class, Caino was fully trained in all the major commands and walks to heel (the main one when your puppy weighs 6 stone!).
I recommend the puppy class to any dog owner and I’m glad I took Caino.

Rhod Williams

I attended Caroline’s Bronze and Silver Obedience classes with Oscar my Beagle and was very impressed with Caroline’s professionalism, her obvious love and understanding of dogs and her insight into their behaviour.

Caroline taught me a lot of useful tricks and techniques for controlling Oscar and I can now confidently let him off the lead knowing he will come back to me.

Gary Sellick

We couldn’t believe how quickly Denzil could pick up the skills you taught in your classes.

We were most impressed by getting him to “leave” a treat in the Puppy class and “stay” for a minute in the Bronze class.

Thanks for all your help – we’ll definitely be enrolling for the next Silver class!

Amelia Spence

All I can say is that Caroline is very experienced and she knows what she is talking about!

The advice, tips and guidance she gives ACTUALLY WORKS!

The classes are very informal and Caroline puts you at ease… even when your dog decides to wee in the middle of the floor!

Sharon Vargas

Caroline Cowan at Cardiff Canine Citizens is superb her ability to help you train your dog is second to none, She gives you loads of encouragement, and is very professional with detailed instruction, just for you and your dog, she has even allowed me  to e-mail her with some problems that I had.  My 15 month Lab who was uncontrollable both inside and out, it was a chore to take for a walk, she pulled, she would bite the back of my legs, jump up at any person who passed by and I could not let her off the lead. Now she is a pleasure to have around and I enjoy taking her out, she even passes other dogs and an occasional cat and doesn’t pull me over, and I can let her have a run off lead. People who know her cannot believe how better behaved Toffee is, and it is all down to Caroline and the way she has shown me to train her. Caroline is more of a dog owner coach then a dog trainer.

Sandra Hale

We absolutely loved going to training classes and couldnt wait to get there each week.I achieved Silver award with my retriever Harvey and was so proud!

Caroline is fab and  approachable, which made the classes so enjoyable.Nothing was too much trouble for her which made us a lot more relaxed.

Lianne Bunce

Very pleased to have attended puppy training classes with Caroline she taught us a great deal on how to train our very boisterous border collie pup, Sox. Wish we had consulted with her before we took on the puppy rather than after – she is a mine of information when it comes to dogs and seems to understand their way of thinking. Highly recommended.

Kath Letton

Our Mum and Dad really needed your expert tuition.  They had no idea on how to get us to sit, stay, behave etc.  Your Puppy and Bronze classes sorted them out.  So much so that they now behave themselves, even when around others.  Your special home visit gave us the training required to finish off what was an excellent course of training.  We would recommend any future ‘parent owner’ to spend a little to get such a massive reward ….. well behaved dogs and owners!  Thanks for everything.  Being seeing you soon for more of an adult training theme of training.

Bella and Casey & Phil and Carol Cowans

I have taken both of my puppies to Caroline’s kennel club good citizen award training classes from puppy classes to Silver. Her approach to training dogs is excellent and works every time. Even with a class full of dogs she always has the time to help you with any areas of concern and has such patience with the dogs. My dogs love her and her classes and can’t wait to go. They’re always sad when it comes to the end of the 6 weeks. Highly recommended, would never go anywhere else!

Angela Halls BSc (Hons) RICHA, Hydrotherapist, Aquadogs

We went along to Caroline`s puppy classes as proud new owners of `Barney’ our rescue springer spaniel, but completely clueless about many of aspects of puppy training and looking after our new dog!

We are so glad we went along to the classes which were great fun, and absolutely invaluable to us and Barney. Since then we have gone on to complete the Bronze award , and are now really looking forward to completing the Silver course.

Caroline has a huge depth of canine knowledge and `knowhow`, and her classes are simply fantastic. They are very interactive, and Caroline is incredibly enthusiastic at helping put the animals (and their owners!) through their paces.  It is  amazing just to watch her skill in handling dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments.

We have learnt so much since going along to her classes about safe handling and good dog control, interacting with other dogs, positive play, and Caroline has top tips on everything and anything from grooming, to diet ,to pet products to legal requirements of pet owning. She was also extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and  supportive when Barney had some quite serious medical problems last year.

The best testament we can give is that  Barney is a really happy, settled dog, who we can take  just about anywhere with us, knowing we can rely on him to be friendly, really  well behaved, and a pleasure to be with. For all of which we are eternally indebted to Caroline,  for  her excellent training and infallible enthusiasm.

For any dog owners considering attending training classes with their `best friend’. We would thoroughly recommend giving them a go, and in particular Caroline Cowan`s Canine Citizen Classes.  We can’t thank her enough for her support over the past year !

Julie, Peter and Holly Cruickshank

My owners were a nightmare until I discovered Caroline. They would not listen to me and were so wilful and headstrong that I came very close to sending them to a people’s home. However, after a few lessons with Caroline in Barry (where I met my dream partner Pongo) and a brief one-to-one session with her (not Pongo, unfortunately) I feel that we are getting on much better together. She explained to me what their needs were, how to make the training much more fun and much less stressful.

Now then, where did I put those cheesy treats? I think it’s time they had a run on their long leads……

Nell Jones (Border Collie x Huntaway, aged 8.5 months)