Pets as Therapy

Pets As Therapy is a national registered charity providing temperament assessed PAT Dogs and PAT Cats, along with their volunteer registered owners to hospitals, schools, hospices, day centres, residential care homes and many other establishments. Whilst visiting these dogs provide comfort, companionship and therapy to more than 130,000 people of all ages, in the UK, every week. There are approximately 4,500 PAT Dogs and 108 PAT Cats registered.

One of my dogs, Bella, a Bullmastiff was a registered Pets As Therapy Dog, a role which she loved. She was such a friendly dog and thoroughly enjoyed being petted and fussed by everyone! It is was nice to be able to share her and always surprised me how excited the children become when we visited schools. You would have thought that I had an elephant with me the children were so excited! I’m hoping that Hope, my current Bullmastiff, will make the grade and become a Pets As Therapy dog also.

I am proud to also be a Temperament Assessor for Pets As Therapy and I get to meet many kind and generous people who are willing to share their pet and give their time to benefit others.

If you have a dog which you think is suitable and you would like to ‘share’ why not contact Pets As Therapy and make someone happy.

Find out more at the Pets as Therapy website