Rii active Rally Workshop

Rii active Rally Workshop


What is a Rii active Rally Workshop?
Rally (or ‘Rally O’ in the USA) is a new canine sport derived from the heelwork elements of competitive Obedience. The handler and dog team navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform such as, Sit Down Sit, Straight, Figure of 8, Send over Jump, Recall over Jump, Left Turn. Teams are required to navigate the course at a brisk pace, with a continuous performance. Handlers are encouraged to talk to their dogs during the performance.
Who is this workshop suitable for?

This workshop is only for dogs who are know to us and who have either attended the Prickly Pooches Course and attended Prickly Pooches Practice Sessions or had a Behavioural Consultation for reactivity and attended Prickly Pooches Practice Sessions.

The workshop will predominantly be held in the training barn and although there will be a maximum of ten participants, the workshop may be unsuitable for some dogs. Owners will be expected to adhere to the same stringent safety measure as in the Prickly Pooches Course. Dogs will be on leads for this introduction to Rally workshop.

Ideally dogs need to have an understanding of sit, down, stay and heel before joining this course but this isn’t essential.Workshops are great fun and really focus on the dog and handler bond and should improve your dogs self control and focus in the presence of other dogs. This will be a rare opportunity for those with reactive dogs to be able to participate in a canine activity in a workshop specially designed for them. A new challenge!

What is included?
There will be refreshments provided upon arrival and at the break. All participants will also receive a certificate of attendance and a rosette.

There will be two Instructors for this workshop and minimal down time (unless needed!).


How do I reserve a place on the course?

  1. Complete the online booking form
  2. Choose venue, date and time preference
  3. Receive confirmation via email
  4. Attend class at venue, date and time specified

Any further questions?

Next Course Date
When: TBC

Time: TBC

Where: Willows High School, CF24 2YE (Get directions)

Total Cost: TBC

Willows High School