Puppy Assisted Learning School (P.A.L.S.)

Pre-Vaccination Home Visits

For puppies between 7-16 weeks of age

A comprehensive consultation helping you to be the best owner at the most important time in your puppies life.

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face”
Bern Williams

You know how it is, you have your brand new puppy home at last and you’re dying to introduce him to the world. But there’s a problem; he hasn’t had his vaccinations and can’t yet safely mix with other dogs.

Don’t miss out in helping your pup develop good habits during this time; book me for a pre-vaccination puppy visit.

Puppies pick up most of their social skills between the time they’re born and the age of about fourteen weeks. During this period they learn how to interact with other dogs, humans and even other animals such as cats and sheep.

Up to this age, they are also particularly open to experiencing new situations that they may encounter later in life and learning to accept them as normal. However, until puppies are fully vaccinated they will not be able to join a formal puppy playgroup or socialisation class.

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What does a pre vaccination visit involve?

During a pre-vaccination visit, I will come to your home and help you with any or all of the following areas:

  • How to socialise your puppy safely with other animals, puppies and older dogs.
  • Puppy proofing your home.
  • Avoiding mouthing, play-biting and rough play.
  • Preventing chewing or stealing of personal objects.
  • Making new experiences positive (eg travel, traffic, public places).
  • How to house-train your puppy successfully.
  • Training hints and tips for young puppies.
  • Appropriate play.
  • Good manners with food and toys.
  • Advice on nutrition and feeding regimes, both as a puppy and an adult.

How to book

Bookings can be made using my booking form. Visits usually last one hour but can be longer if requested. This fee includes travel costs within a 10 mile radius of Cardiff.


      • (A) One Hour Appointment £65
      • (B) One Hour 30 Minutes Appointment £85
      • (C) 3 x One Hour Appointment £175 Saving £20!
      • (D) 5 x One Hour Appointment £295 Saving £30!
      • (E) Puppy Package Offer – Pre-Vaccination Puppy Visit (b) £85 plus the Puppy Assisted Learning School (P.A.L.S.) Nursery Level Puppy Classes £125 for £195 Saving £15!


    When my partner and I decided to adopt Woody, an 8 week staffie puppy, we asked Caroline to come and visit us for a Puppy Pre-vaccination Visit. Staffies can get a bad press and we were determined to bring up a well behaved and well adjusted dog who could challenge these negative perceptions. I’ve always loved dogs and felt confident around them so I was shocked to find myself feeling totally out of my depth a few days after Woody arrived. I worried about everything – whether the puppy and the cat would ever get on, whether this head strong little character would ever respect us, how we’d control him in the future if we didn’t bond properly.

    Caroline was fantastic and probably saved my sanity at the end of that first week. We learnt so much just be watching her interact with Woody. And she noticed things we hadn’t. I was constantly praising him rather than saving my praise and reward for good behaviour. And I was inadvertently making the prospect of a cat chase more exciting by focusing on it rather than rewarding him for turning away from the cat and ignoring her. Caroline was very generous with her time during the session and stayed until we’d asked everything we wanted to. We felt so much better equipped as a result and started to act on her advice immediately. There’s no such thing as an immediate fix when it comes to puppy training but the changes in his behaviour were noticeable and by the end of the following week Woody had learnt his basic commands, was showing much more respect for the cat and was so much more loving towards us.

    Caroline’s support didn’t end there. She gave us some further advice via email and then emailed me a few days later to see how things were progressing. Everyone tells you that puppies are hard work. And it’s true ! Having access to Caroline’s wealth of knowledge and experience as well as her patience and reassurance was invaluable over the first couple of weeks when I thought “What the hell have I done?” on a fairly regular basis. I whole heartedly recommend a Puppy Pre-vaccination Visit. We love Woody to bits now and can’t wait to start Caroline’s puppy training classes.

    Denise A Rogers & Woody

    Next steps

    Join one of our P.A.L.S. puppy training classes.