Rally for beginners

What is Rally?

Rally (or ‘Rally O’ in the USA) is a new canine sport derived from the heelwork elements of competitive Obedience. The handler and dog team navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform such as, Sit Down Sit, Straight, Figure of 8, Send over Jump, Recall over Jump, Left Turn. Teams are required to navigate the course at a brisk pace, with a continuous performance. In competitions. this is without direction from the judge. Handlers are encouraged to talk to their dogs during the performance.
All dogs, irrespective of their breed or size are able to participate.

This course will provide an introduction to UK Rally but we won’t be competing at this stage! Although some may wish to consider registering and competing for Rally titles and awards.

Dogs need to have an understanding of sit, down, stay and heel ideally before joining this course. Dogs will be on lead for these Level 1 classes but for other levels the dog will be required to work off lead. Classes are great fun and really focus on the dog and handler bond. Classes may be held inside or out of doors on the training field, so please dress appropriately, including wearing suitable footwear!

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