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Dogs are very different in their ability to cope with the world around them. Prior learning, negative experiences, illness, pain and genetic predisposition may mean that some dogs need a little extra help with dealing with what they perceive as stressful situations. Both of these websites Yellow Dog UK and DINOS provide a wealth of information to help owners with reactive dogs to understand and cope with their Prickly Pooches!

Diet, Health and Wellbeing

A wealth of information about nutrition and holistic health and mobility solutions.
See list of useful links to websites about diet, health and wellbeing.

Rescue and Rehoming

There are thousands of dogs out there looking for a home, and here are some of the best organisations to help you find the perfect dog for you.

See list of useful links to websites about rescue & rehoming.

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is so necessary but it can be difficult to know who to choose or even to find insurance for a pet with a pre-existing condition. See here

Pet letting – holiday with your pet

Holiday letting for pet owners. See here

Renting property with pets

Advice for pet owners and landlords. See here

Sighthounds (Greyhounds, Whippets, Lurchers, etc)

Thousands of greyhounds are bred every year as money making machines for the racing industry. Many are abused, neglected or killed if they don’t make the grade. The lucky ones find themselves in a rescue centre.

See list of sites which specialist in rescuing sighthounds, such as greyhounds.

Lost and found

Precautions to safeguard your dog and the best resources at your fingertips to help you locate your dog if its been lost or stolen.

See a list of organisations which will help prevent loss or reuinite owners with lost dogs

Pets as Therapy

Pets As Therapy is a national registered charity providing temperament assessed PAT Dogs and PAT Cats, along with their volunteer registered owners to hospitals, schools, hospices, day centres, residential care homes and many other establishments.

More information about Pets as Therapy

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