Lost and Found is your gateway to sites on the Internet for dogslost! Browse our resources or just try the search. Find out more

National Dog Tattoo Register

Dog tattoo indentification offers a permanent and visible means of identifying your pet in cases where they are lost or stolen. Find out more

National Dog Warden Association

Explaining the work of Animal Welfare Officers / Dog Wardens within the United Kingdom. Find out more


The UK’s Largest Database for Microchipped Pets. Find out more

Pets Bureau

Gives lost, stolen and stray dogs and cats the best chance of finding their way home. We offer a 24-hour, Pet identification and Reunification service to protect pets. Find out more

Dog Theft Action

To provide vital information to the victims of dog theft to assist them in their search for their stolen/missing dog. Find out more

The Missing List

The Missing List is designed to enhance the chances of anyone getting back anything that has been lost or stolen. Find out more

Keepsafe Pets

With thousand of pets going missing and being stolen in the UK every week, it’s always reassuring to know that with Keepsafe Visible Identification, both your pet and your identity will be protected. Find out more