Yellow Dog UK – Some Dogs Need Space

Yellow Dog UK TM is a registered charity raising awareness that some dogs and their owners may need space for a variety of reasons when out in public.

DINOS (Dogs in need of Space UK)

See the Dog Walking Rules here and here.

Why dog trainers will have to change their ways

Professor John Bradshaw is leading a revolution in the study of canine behaviour. ‘Dogs don’t want to control people, they want to control their own lives,’ he says. Read more here.

Volhard Personality Test

Your dog was born with a set of instinctive behaviours that he inherited from his parents. These behaviours can be grouped into three broad categories – prey, pack and defence – called drives. How many behaviours a dog has in each drive, will determine his temperament, his personality and how he perceives the world – read more

Puppy Resources

Before you get your puppy

Free e-book courtesy of Cardiff Canine Citizens

After you get a puppy

Free e-book courtesy of Cardiff Canine Citizens

The Puppy Plan

Dogs Trust and the Kennel Club have come together to launch a unique new initiative that aims to give every puppy the very best start in life – the Puppy Plan

Sound Therapy

Free Resource from the Dogs Trust