Training classes, your questions answered

Q: I see from your website that you are a Kennel Club Listed Status Club and the awards are K.C. Awards. My dog is a crossbreed, can he still attend?

A: Yes, of course. The awards/classes are available to all dogs, irrespective of their breed and everyone is welcome.

Q: Can I bring my puppy/dog to classes if they are unwell?

A: No, if your dog is unwell please don’t bring it to class as it may be contagious. Any diarrhea, vomiting, retching, coughing, sneezing, runny noses or any other symptoms could be symptoms of something serious and a vet should be consulted.

Q: Can I bring my bitch to class if she is in season/on heat?

A: I’m afraid not, but contact me and I will transfer your place onto the next available course, free of charge if you’ve already signed up.

Q: Can I bring my dog to class when he/she is wet and muddy?

A: Yes, you can bring your dog to class but try to ensure they are as clean and dry as possible. If it is a wet day please bring a towel with you to dry your dog and for it to sit on.

Q: How old must my puppy to be to attend puppy classes?

A: Puppies must be fully vaccinated and able to go out in public. I will require sight of your vaccination record at the Puppy Introductory Session.

Q: I have missed the start of the course. Can I start any time?

A: Sorry but no. Classes have a clear start and finish date and are not ‘roll on, roll off’.

Q: I wanted to book onto the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Level course but was told it was fully booked, two weeks before the start date. How soon should have I tried to book, prior to the classes commencing?

A: I’m sorry that you were disappointed. Classes book up very quickly. If you are interested please complete an online application form as soon as possible and I will confirm that I have reserved you a place via email.

Q: I have tried to contact you via telephone but you haven’t been available. I don’t like leaving messages on answer phones!

A: Sorry, I am very busy and may be driving, with a client or on another line but if you leave a message I will return your call. Generally I would prefer email as I can respond to this late into the evening or early in the morning, when it wouldn’t be acceptable to return a phone call.

Q: How can I pay? Do you accept credit/debit cards?

A: I accept cash, cheques or PayPal for some services. It is also possible to arrange a direct bank transfer.

Q: Can I pay for the course on a week by week attendance basis?

A: No, sorry all courses need to be paid for at the start of the course.

Q: Can my dog wear a choke chain collar?

A: No, a normal collar, head collar or harness would be advisable. However, for some dogs a martingale collar may be suitable, particularly for some sight hounds. Please contact me prior to classes if you have any questions.

Q: Can more than one of us come to class to help with the training?

A: Yes, but only one person at a time may carry out the training but you are welcome to swap over and children are more than welcome to attend too.

Q: My dog is aggressive with other dogs/people. Can I bring him to class to socialise him?

A: Classes are for training issues and this is a behavioural issue and as such a Behaviour Consultation would be advised, as this would best address these issues. A class is not equipped to deal with this sort of problem, although you may be able to attend in the future, after some behaviour modification. We have to consider not only the safety and well being of your dog but also other dogs and owners in the class. I have a stooge dog which I may bring to a Behaviour Consultation.

Q: Why can’t we bring our puppy to the K.C. Puppy Introductory Session?

A: Puppies require full attention and it may be difficult to listen to all of the information whilst trying to keep a puppy entertained. I try to make the courses as stress free as possible for puppies/dogs and handlers!

Q: We loved watching our pup and the other puppies in our class playing with the activity toys and puzzles. Where can we purchase them from?

A: I sell the Kong Wobblers, Pyramids and Molecules but the other Nina Ottonson puzzles may be found here:

Q: Do you recommend Pet Insurance?

A: Yes, I most certainly do! I’m with Petplan and have found them very good. They can be contacted on 0800 072 8365 If you would like a voucher entitling you to one months free insurance with Petplan, please ask me, or quote my name Caroline Cowan and the reference number NH 403075761. Pet insurance is a mine field, check out my links.