Proprioception Workshop

What is a Proprioception Workshop?

Our Proprioception Workshops are great fun for all levels. During this relationship enhancing workshop dogs will learn a variety of new and exciting skills. Dogs will learn skills such as step up, directions, scent work and platform training. This will improve their confidence and enhance body awareness.

Who is this workshop suitable for?

This workshop is only for non reactive dogs. Dogs should be physically fit and not have any mobility or physical conditions or injuries to take part in this workshop.  Dogs will be on lead for this workshop and at all times within the venue. There will be a maximum of twelve participants.
The workshop will predominantly be held in the training barn although, weather permitting we may use some of the outside space also. If the weather is wet please bring a towel to dry your dogs feet prior to using the equipment.
Ideally dogs need to have an understanding of sit, down, stay and heel before joining this course but this isn’t essential. Knowledge of clicker training would be advantageous. Workshops are great fun and really focus on the dog and handler bond and should improve your dogs self control and focus in the presence of other dogs. This will be a rare opportunity for those with reactive dogs to be able to participate in a canine activity in a workshop specially designed for them. A new challenge!

What is included?

There will be refreshments provided upon arrival and at the break.

There will be two Instructors for this workshop and minimal down time (unless needed!).

Next Workshops
  • Sunday 20th October 2018 | Time TBC | Willows High School


### New vlog: proprioception and canine fitness###Featuring:- a long snowy drive- a baby playing with inappropriate toys- awesome proprioception and fitness workouts – Ella doing the hardness wobble board ever – a tired baby – a long ride home! Oh my dog! Thanks so Cardiff Canine Citizens (Caroline) and to @sarah Robinson. We had an absolute blast and couldn’t believe how much the dogs have changed and progressed since last time. Totes recommend her workshops especially for those wanting to work on focus, condition and pace.Amazing day out and tired even our playful pooches out a treat!

Posted by The School of Canine Science on Thursday, 22 March 2018