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Aqua Dogs Hydrotherapy

Cardiff based – Aqua Dogs Hydrotherapist, Angela is trained in all areas required by the Canine Hydrotherapy Association. She is the first hydrotherapist in wales to have obtained the level 3 certificate in small animal hydrotherapy, now a requirement of all CHA registered hydrotherapy centres.Find out more

What Breed is my dog?

The What Breed is My Dog? Breed Identification Test can tell you what breeds are in your dog! Find out more

Proof of Parentage

Offers accurate parentage testing for canines by comparing the DNA of a puppy, dam and potential sire(s). Find out more


Does your dog have itchy skin or an irritable bowel? Do you suspect your dog has a food intolerance? Visit the Nutriscan website.

The Good Dog Guide

Visit the UK’s comprehensive dog friendly directory, listing businesses, products and services to help you and your four legged friend get the best out of life together.
Go to the website here

Rover Recommended

Site to help dog owners to plan days out and holidays with their dog. All proceeds from the Rover Recommended website are donated to Border Collie Trust GB as this is the rescue charity that rescued their own Collie cross, Holly. Visit their site to plan the perfect dog friendly holiday or day out. Their mission is to make life more fun for you and your dog. Go to the website

Summerhill Veterinary Centre Newport

The Centre is open long hours to enable you to find an appointment time to suit you and maintains the highest standards for your pet’s treatment. We operate a 24/7 emergency service. Find out more

Dog Mobility

Dog Mobility as a resource for dog mobility aids and health aids for special needs canines and disabled pets. Find out more

Bob and Lush

Sadly, so much dog food today is full of fillers and cheap ingredients of dubious nutritional value. Some of it might even cause harm, like allergies. Indeed, both Bob and Lush were ill on big brand commercial foods.
We are proud to be different. To make our dogs healthy, we make sure to put no rubbish in our food. There are no cereals or other cheap fillers in Bob & Lush. Absolutely no grains, rice, wheat, soy, corn or other cheap fillers whatsoever. No sweeteners, and no artificial preservatives.
Our food is properly hypoallergenic. We use only one type of meat to create a true exclusion diet, because this dramatically reduces the chance of allergies. So, when we say “duck” we really mean duck. Also, we steer well clear of common allergens like dairy or eggs in our food. Find out more about Bob and Lush products.

Feelwells Pet Nutrition

I recommend this brand and sell it at the training classes. Feelwell’s offer a range of healthy, natural, tasty, nutritious, hypo-allergenic food and treats for your dog. Find out more about Feelwells’ products.


Fish4Dogs is made from fish – gluten free, hypo-allergenic and packed with naturally occurring Omega 3. Find out more

For those owners who wish to feed as nature intended, what is often referred to as the BARF diet, we highly recommend Raw 2 Door

The delivery service really does make feeding a raw diet simple!

Riaflax joint mobility supplement

Kano my Rottie cross is on this and it’s making a huge difference to his mobility. Find out more

Animal Centred Behaviour Solutions

Mekuti is a small company, run with animals, not profits, in mind. Find out more

Bob Grass

Traditional cures for domestic animals. Skincare, shampoo etc. Find out more