One to One Training

One to one is not intended for behavioural problems but for training issues. If your dog has a behavioural problem you will need a Behaviour Consultation

Benefits of one to one individual training

  • Locations and times to suit you. One to one training sessions may be undertaken at your home, in the problem environment e.g. park or at the training venue in Cardiff.
  • Not all owners can commit to a complete course due to work/shift patterns.
  • Classes aren’t suitable for all dogs and this may enable the dog to learn in an environment he is relaxed and comfortable with.
  • Ideal if you don’t need to cover complete course content as you just have one or two things that you would like assistance with.
  • Remember dogs learn by their environment so some owners require assistance with help teaching the dog to generalise. Some dogs will recall in the hall but will have problems in a park environment!
  • Some owners prefer an initial one to one before embarking on a course, just so they have some groundwork in place. Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme, Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels
“Dogs like to obey. It gives them security”
James Herriot

How to book

Complete our online booking form with a brief outline of your training issues and I will contact you via email the arrangements for a One to One session.

One to One sessions are usually undertaken during these hours (depending on time of year):

  • Monday – Friday 7:00am – 7.00pm

Weekend and later weekday evening appointments, where available, are by arrangement.


One to One Options

  • (A) One to One at your home lasting 60 minutes/session £65
  • (B) One to One at your home lasting 90 minutes/session £85
  • (C) Three x One to Ones at your home lasting 60 minutes/session £165 Saving £30!
  • (D)Three x One to Ones at your home lasting 90 minutes/session £195 Saving £60!
  • (E) Five x One to Ones at your home lasting 60 minutes/session £275 Saving £50!
  • (F) Five x One to Ones at your home lasting 90 minutes/session £350 Saving £75!
    I’ve had Papillion’s as pets since 1985 and they have all been rescue dogs of varying ages.The first three came to me already well trained and well behaved around other dogs, people and cats. However, although my 4th Pap, Dylan was very well trained, he was a barker. Initially he barked at everything, cars, vans, cyclists, joggers and other walkers, but especially other dogs. At 3 years he was still a youngster and I quickly realised he was quite insecure. I gave him lots of reassurance when out and in no time he was ignoring all but other dogs which he continued to bark at. This got to the point where neither of us were enjoying our walks so I asked Caroline Cowan from Cardiff Canine Citizens for help.

    Caroline came to my home and suggested I use distraction to stop his barking. She showed me how to use a ‘clicker’ and within minutes Dylan was responding to it for a treat (it did help that he loves his treats!). We then took Dylan out, using the ‘clicker’ to distract Dylan’s attention from any approaching dogs. With Caroline’s advice and guidance Dylan and I were soon enjoying a relatively bark free walk. I gradually gave the ‘click’ a name, as advised by Caroline, and we have not looked back since.

    That was 3 years ago and now I have another rescue, an 18 month old Pap called Jessi who has come to me with little, if any training at all; she didn’t even know ‘sit’! I decided I would take her to puppy training classes only to find out she is too old so I contacted Caroline again for help. Jessi had had no experience of walking out so she was also frightened of everything but unlike Dylan would try to run away. Again with reassurance she is now more confident of most things except dogs so before I can let her off the lead I need to be sure she will come back to me. Once again Caroline came to my home, quickly made friends with Jessi, who is still a little nervous, and suggested I use a whistle, especially when recalling both dogs, and treats. I was concerned that Jessi had shown no interest in treats whilst out but again Caroline had a trick up her sleeve – some tasty chicken and liver treats! Within minutes Jessi (and Dylan) were responding to the whistle, even when we took them out for a walk. Caroline then suggested that I use a training lead, dropping it after a day or two to give her more freedom. Four days later I was absolutely thrilled when, having dropped the training lead, a large dog came bounding over to Jessi and immediately she ran to me. Before Caroline’s help Jessi had always tried to run away in any direction, now I feel confident that she will return to me.

    Having had dogs for over 30 years I see myself as an experienced, caring dog owner but each dog is different, especially one that has been ‘rescued’, and this is where Caroline’s understanding and experience of the different dog breeds is of particular importance. I would strongly recommend Caroline to anyone who needs a bit of help with their ‘best friend’.

    Pauline Davies with Dylan and Jessi