WARNING! Some unscrupulous people are marketing themselves as ‘Qualified Behaviourists/Trainers’ when they have no canine related academic qualifications and limited practical experience.

Beware they may have no knowledge of learning theory and engaging their services may cause irreversible damage to your dog!

Currently there is no legislation or regulation on the provision of dog training and behaviour services and anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, instructor or behaviourist. This means that dog owners have no guarantee that the ‘trainer’ they’ve hired knows anything about training dogs!

Increasingly I’m being contacted by owners of dogs who have been adversely affected but attending so called ‘puppy parties’ or what may be called ‘socialisation classes’ where the puppies are all allowed to run around in large groups. This may look like fun and indeed your puppy may appear to be enjoying themselves and it does wear them out but it can cause serious aggression and/or nervous behaviour to arise. This sort of uncontrolled ‘play’ can teach some puppies to become bullies and can cause the more timid puppy to become much more fearful of other dogs.
Incorrect socialisation can cause as many problems and sometimes more than inadequate socialisation!

Also beware of rash claims that a particular trainers’ methods are 100% guaranteed to work, as this cannot be accurate and truly representative. On one site after stating the ’100% Guaranteed’ read their small print!

Before you book any sessions, ask the question, “are you a qualified dog behaviourist?” If the answer is anything but yes, do yourself and your dog a big favour and go elsewhere.