• Date: Saturday 29th June
  • Time: 10:00 – 15:30
  • Venue: Willows High School

Attention (focus) is the foundation of everything we want/need our dogs to do. They cannot respond to a cue if they are not paying attention and they need to pay attention to us even in the presence of high distractions and when they are aroused/excited.
A great many dogs lack self-control; this may express itself as the dog barking, leaping at the handler, biting/nipping the handler or showing aggression at other dogs/people. This behaviour often escalates the more excited (motivated) a dog becomes and if the handler starts to shout at the dog or get physical with them.

This one day workshop will discuss the reasons why we need our dogs to focus and display self control, as well as demonstrating and explaining various games/exercises that can be used to teach self-control and focus to our dogs. There will be some theory sessions (to enable the dogs to rest between working sessions) as well as practical sessions where dogs will be worked in small groups to begin with and then in larger groups as their focus and self-control increases.

Maximum of 12 handlers a day, worked in two groups of 6, handler places are £50/day. No limit on spectators places, spectator places are £25/day. All attendees will receive comprehensive hand outs covering the exercises with detailed instructions and a certificate of attendance. Booking is essential. Lunch will be for one hour and you will need to bring a packed lunch.